Benefits and Systems


Housing Commutation Allowance

We provide a flat monthly housing commuting allowance of 50,000 yen no matter where you live.
* No designated area. Transportation expenses for work commute will be separately reimbursed based on actual costs.

Employee Discount Plan

We have an employee discount system for shopping in ZOZOTOWN. The discount rate is privately held, but the employees use the plan actively and we utilize the notice in the service.

Club Activity Support System

In order to officially support the community of staff who share sports and hobbies, each community is provided a club activity fee by the company.


Growth Support

Internal Recruitment System

The internal recruitment system allows staff to apply freely when the relevant departments need to increase the number of human resources by launching a new service or expanding their business. After submitting an application, the applicants get the assignment and interviews, and a department transfer will be decided upon passing the selection. (conducted once a year)

1on1 Meeting

Supervisors and their subordinates regularly hold 1 on 1 meetings to help them resolve issues faced by their subordinates and help them achieve their goals.

Z Academia

Z Academia is an in-house university of Z Holdings Group. Classes in which top leaders from the Group gather and programs in which anyone who is an employee of a Group company can participate are implemented.

Cloud Training Expense Subsidy System

Subsidies to the use of the AWS Infrastructure Exercise TCP/IP (Try Cloud Program / Infrastructure​ Practice. As a learning application, you can freely use the AWS environment for up to $100 per month, and by actually touching it, you can aim to improve your skills while also being conscious of cost management.

Seminar-Conference Participation Support System

The Company also subsidizes all of the costs of participating in workshops and seminars, including overseas conferences (including travel expenses and local stay expenses). Participation is possible at company cost. We also provide support for participation procedures and provide an environment in which it is easy to participate.

Book Purchasing Support System

We support staff on a daily basis so that they can improve their performance. For example, the company subsidizes the costs of the technical books required for their work, the books of specialists in the fields they want to learn next, and self-development books.

Life Event Support

Family Short-Time Work System

In order to enhance the balance between work and private life, the employees can use the “Family short-time work system” for a maximum of two hours a day in a short period of time. This system is applied not only for childcare and nursing care, but also for the support needed by staff members, such as pets and people living together or someone he or she recognizes as "families" Short hours can be used from units of 30 minutes.

Congratulatory/Condolence Money System

We provide congratulatory money for marriage and childbirth. We also provide condolence money in the event of a mishap in your family.

Family Allowance

A monthly allowance of 5,000 yen will be paid for each dependent.

Other Systems

Model Salary

Example of Annual Salary

1.Approximately 5,600,000 yen (general employee)
Breakdown: Base salary of 200,000 yen, functional salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, overtime allowance (average of 20 hours of overtime work), and bonus payment of 800,000 yen
*The amount of overtime varies depending on the department and time of year.
*The amount of bonus paid will vary depending on performance.

2.Approximately 8,360,000 yen (general employee/management candidate)
Breakdown: Base salary of 200,000 yen, functional salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, and bonus payment of 800,000 yen
*The amount of bonus payment will vary depending on the performance.

3.Approximately 12,080,000 yen (Specialist/management candidate)
In the case of a basic salary of 200,000 yen, performance-based salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, and bonus payment of 800,000 yen.
*The amount of bonus paid will vary depending on performance.
Work Style
Working Style and Working Environment