Benefits and Systems


Residential Commuter Allowance

We provide a flat monthly housing commuting allowance of 50,000 yen no matter where you live. We also provide a relocation allowance before you join us. The moving allowance is only for distant locations.

Family Allowance

This is an allowance for staff members' families. A monthly allowance of 5,000 yen is provided for each dependent family member.

Employee Discount System

We have an employee discount system for shopping at ZOZOTOWN. The discount rate is not disclosed, but we use the system to actively use the service and apply the findings to our service.

Congratulatory/Condolence Money System

We provide congratulatory money for marriage and childbirth. We also provide condolence money in the event of a mishap in your family.


In addition to the 10 days of paid leave granted (maximum 20 days) and congratulation or condolence leave (5 days for the employee's marriage, 3 days for the wife's childbirth, etc.), there are various other leave systems such as menstrual leave, nursing care leave, and child care leave. Staff members use their paid leave in various ways, such as to go home, travel, or for hobbies.

Summer and Winter Vacation

In past years, we have granted 3 days each of summer vacation and winter vacation.

Sick Leave

This is a leave system that can be used in case of contracting a specified infectious disease. If you or your child is diagnosed with an infectious disease designated by the company, you can take special paid leave for the number of days specified in the doctor's note. There is no limit to the number of days or the number of times the employee can take this leave. As a parent, you can devote yourself to caring for your child in the event of an illness.

Education and Training System

Book Acquisition Support System

We support our staff every day to improve their performance by fully subsidizing the cost of technical books required for work, specialized books they want to learn next, and self-help books.

Seminar and Conference Participation Support System

Seminar and Conference Participation Support System
The company also fully subsidizes the cost of attending study sessions and seminars, including overseas conferences (including travel and local stay expenses). It is possible to participate at company expense. We also provide support for participation procedures and provide an environment that facilitates participation.

Cloud Training Cost Subsidy Program

This is a subsidy program for using the AWS infrastructure practice "TCP/IP (Try Cloud Program / Infrastructure Practice)". You can freely use the AWS environment up to $100 per month for learning purposes, and you can aim to improve your skills while being aware of cost management through actual contact.

Other Systems

Babysitting Assistance

This is a system to issue discount coupons for babysitter dispatch services. Staff members are issued a discount coupon of 2,200 yen when they use the babysitter service, and can receive a partial or full subsidy for the usage fee they pay.

Employee Loan System

This program provides loans of up to 500,000 yen (700,000 yen for married couples) at low interest rates to staff members who wish to apply. The loans are used for a variety of purposes, such as to challenge the acquisition of qualifications, to pursue dreams, and to fund marriage. This is a system where the company supports and assists the staff in what they want to do and what they want to challenge.

Retirement System

At the time of retirement, severance pay is paid in accordance with the years of service and conditions set by the company.

Interview with Corporate Physician

Once a month, we set up a time for one-on-one meetings with an corporate physician, and anyone can have a meeting if they wish. In addition, from the perspective of mental health, staff who have worked more than 80 hours of overtime per month are always interviewed.

Departmental Activity Support System

In order to officially support a community of staff members who share a common interest in sports or hobbies, the company provides funds for club activities for each community. There are currently a variety of clubs, including soccer, baseball, ceramics, and film clubs. Currently, there are various clubs, such as soccer, baseball, pottery, and film, etc. They gather after work or on holidays to enjoy their hobbies or practice for competitions.

Model Salary

Example of Annual Salary

1.Approximately 5,600,000 yen (general employee)
Breakdown: Base salary of 200,000 yen, functional salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, overtime allowance (average of 20 hours of overtime work), and bonus payment of 800,000 yen
*The amount of overtime varies depending on the department and time of year.
*The amount of bonus paid will vary depending on performance.

2.Approximately 8,360,000 yen (general employee/management candidate)
Breakdown: Base salary of 200,000 yen, functional salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, and bonus payment of 800,000 yen
*The amount of bonus payment will vary depending on the performance.

3.Approximately 12,080,000 yen (Specialist/management candidate)
In the case of a basic salary of 200,000 yen, performance-based salary, housing and commuting allowance of 50,000 yen, and bonus payment of 800,000 yen.
*The amount of bonus paid will vary depending on performance.
Work Style
Working Style and Working Environment