Fashion Tech News

Fashion Tech News

A Media Outlet Broadcasting Fashion x Technology News from a Unique Perspective both Locally and Globally

The dramatic changes in today’s technology and information environment have significantly altered the way we view fashion. In this context, reflecting on clothing and fashion also means exploring our modes of communication, materials and natural environment, our bodies and urban culture, and the current/future images of the media.

Fashion Tech News, under ZOZO NEXT's owned media, aims to constantly challenge the fashion tech sector, and has been transmitting trends in fashion technology since it began operations in 2018. Now, the word "fashion tech" is frequently found in various media, and innovative initiatives are emerging one after another.

Not only will we convey the current state of Fashion × Technology, but we also aim to cultivate an interactive community that reflects on the past, and considers the future of clothing, fashion and our physical environment, delivering unique content in the process.

Logo Concept

Fashion Tech News Logo
Fashion and Technology
It's a history that has been woven together by needles and threads.
From the moment a needle was born in Siberia 50,000 years ago,
what have we been seeing from the other side of the needle hole?

And now, in a world that is changing faster than ever,
what do Fashion Tech News see through the eye of the needle, and what do they convey?
This artwork expresses this by layering abstract needle holes on
a sphere with a fabric texture drawn by interweaving threads.

What emerges is a "cat's eye," where the pupil is elongated vertically.
In the cat's eye, there is a metaphor for "things rapidly changing,"
meaning trend = Fashion itself.
Represented is the moment the technology of needle and thread creates fashion as a symbol.

In a world of logos where 2D works are common, we purposely adopted a 3D sphere,
with the intention of realizing a triadic media presence through interaction with recipients,
moving away from the dualistic way of media (distributor and recipient).


We disseminate information across seven categories, ranging from cutting-edge fashion technology to brand history, to the influence that fashion has exerted on culture.

Broadcasting trends in research and development by researchers and corporations, along with actual products and services born out of it.
Explores the history and culture formed through the influence that specific products and their backgrounds had on genres both within and outside fashion.
Transmitting the principles and ideas of companies engaged in advanced business operations.
Introducing the latest products and services.
Writers and researchers broadcast unique perspectives on various aspects, including clothing, body, cultural industry, consumer culture, media, space, and communication.
Broadcasting contributions and interviews from authors, researchers, and experts active at the forefront of the Fashion x Technology sector.
Introducing research and development projects by ZOZO NEXT.


Fashion Tech News Relations
We distribute our articles to major platforms like "Yahoo! News" and "LINE NEWS", and to fashion and technology-sensitive platforms such as "FASHIONSNAP.COM" and "antenna". We have gained a wide readership outside of our own site.
-Distributing articles to major external platforms.
Fashion Tech News Relation Logs


To deliver Fashion Tech News content to a wider audience, we are launching the English version of Fashion Tech News. At the time of release, about 60 English articles are being published, and we aim to complete and publish translations of approximately 700 articles previously released in Japanese by 2023.