ZOZO NEXT, Inc. released English Version of FASHION TECH NEWS on October 19

Leveraging Generative AI (GPT-4) for Efficient Article Translation
ZOZO NEXT, Inc. released English Version of FASHION TECH NEWS on October 19

ZOZO NEXT, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director, CEO: Kotaro Sawada, hereinafter referred to as the “ZOZO NEXT") launched the English version of "FASHION TECH NEWS," a media platform managed by ZOZO NEXT and dedicated to the dissemination of information about the future of Fashion and Technology, on Thursday, October 19th. The English language articles are efficiently translated from their original Japanese versions using Generative AI (GPT-4).

FASHION TECH NEWS is a media platform run by ZOZO NEXT that explores industrial trends and advances in technology to shape the future of fashion and technology. Since its launch in 2018, it has continuously broadcasted trends in fashion and technology across seven categories, including the latest developments in fashion technology, the history of various brands, and their impact on culture. Until now, around 700 articles with a focus on fashion tech have been published.

To expand our reach, the English version of FASHION TECH NEWS was launched. As of the release date, approximately 60 English articles were published, with a plan to complete and publish the translation of approximately 700 articles that have been published in Japanese by the end of the fiscal year 2023.

For the creation of these English articles, we are using Generative AI (GPT-4). Employing a large-scale language model of Generative AI enables us to efficiently translate the articles originally written in Japanese into English. These AI-translated articles are then reviewed and proofread to ensure their quality.

With the launch of the English edition of FASHION TECH NEWS, our aim extends not just to broadcasting Japanese "Fashion x Technology" information to domestic and international audiences, but also to rapidly conveying cutting-edge "Fashion x Technology" news from around the world.

<Overview of FASHION TECH NEWS English Version>

■URL   :https://fashiontechnews.zozo.com/en
■Launch Date: October 19th (Thursday)


FASHION TECH NEWS is a media platform that explores industrial trends and the history of cutting-edge technology to create a future for Fashion x Technology. In addition to presenting the "current" state of Fashion x Technology, we aim to build a community that fosters an interactive cultural landscape, learning from the "past", and considering the "future" of clothing, fashion, and our physical environment, while delivering unique content.
URL: https://fashiontechnews.zozo.com/en

<About ZOZO NEXT, Inc.>

Our mission at ZOZO NEXT is to ‘Create the Future of Fashion and the NEXT Big Thing.’
We aim to create a world where more people can enjoy fashion through imagining and solving users' problems in the fashion domain with the power of technology. ZOZO NEXT conducts R&D at ZOZO RESEARCH, a research institute for quantifying and scientifically exploring fashion, and at MATRIX, which aims to create new businesses for the ZOZO Group in six areas that will have an impact on the future of fashion.