Project Drip
Virtual Experience
Virtual fashion project aims to create a future fashion experience
with 3D and AI technology
While the demand for virtual technology has been increasing dramatically in recent years, there is still a lot of potential for its use in the fashion industry. Project Drip is a project that aims to incorporate 3D and AI technology into fashion to provide customers with a new experience in the virtual realm and turn it into a product/service.
Ambient Weaving
In collaboration with Pinscreen, an American company founded by Hao Li, a leader in the computer vision field, we have achieved the generation of virtual models that are as realistic and scalable as the real thing.
In the future, the company aims to create a personalization service that provides users with optimized avatars and virtual outfits, as well as a more comfortable fashion experience by allowing users to try on clothes virtually.
The virtual human unit “Drip” is a group of virtual models created as part of a series of virtual fashion projects. It has achieved the creation of high quality virtual humans at low cost, and has collaborated with the fashion brand “HATRA” and “Bunka Fashion Graduate University” in the past.
Virtual Model Drip Instagram Account
Virtual Fashion for Everyone
Democratizing Technology to Give Everyone Access to Virtual Fashion
While it is becoming easier and easier to create realistic virtual humans and virtual fashion, Project Drip is focusing on scalability, accessibility to everyone, and research and development of a system that is “cheap, easy, and fast” to create.
Collaboration with fashion brand “HATRA”.
Collaboration with fashion brand “HATRA”.


Exhibition Details
Interactive demo where visitors' virtual humans can be created.
This exhibit will feature interactive digital content that allows users to create virtual humans that look exactly like themselves. After taking a photo of the user's face, the user only needs to enter their gender and height to instantly create an original virtual human.
On the digital signage, users can enjoy a virtual fitting by selecting from several digitized garments. Personalized avatars make it possible to have a non-contact experience as if you were actually trying on the clothes.
User Flow
Take a picture of your face with the camera installed on the touch display.
Enter the height and weight.
Select a pose, clothing, background, etc.
The generated image can be shared on SNS.
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