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In recent years, the evolution of 3D technology has led to an increase in interest in digital fashion, which has no physical constraints and a market size is expected to expand rapidly. It is said that the production of digital fashion items emits 97% less CO2 compared to actual clothing, drawing attention from a sustainability perspective.

Amidst such a trend, the company's virtual fashion project using 3D and AI, "Project Drip", received many purchase requests for its digital fashion items, leading to the launch and sale of the digital fashion brand "REVINAL".

We will explore the needs and potential of digital fashion items through sales on platforms such as DRESSX and ZEPETO, with the aim of creating a world where more people can enjoy fashion.

About the Digital Fashion Brand "REVINAL"

The brand name "REVINAL" originates from words such as "REAL (reality)", "VIRTUAL (virtual)", "LIMINAL (boundary)", and "REVIVAL (revival)", and is a brand where value and tradition coexist by intersecting and merging new realities. It deviates from the constraints of fashion in the real space, and even though it's virtual, it is imbued with the desire to create a new future where everyone can freely enjoy fashion and express themselves.


"DRESSX" is a platform where users can select and purchase the digital fashion items they want to wear, send their own photos they want to dress up in, and obtain their own photos wearing the purchased items within 24 hours.

The features of "REVINAL" items include not only the richness of texture expression, but also the uniqueness of designs that are not bound by the concepts of existing clothes, and high-quality materials that take advantage of the characteristics of virtuality. Moreover, while leveraging the high degree of freedom unique to digital, it maintains a balance of "sizing, cutting, coloring" and is finished in a way that does not feel out of place when combined with photos, despite being a design that could actually be worn in the real world if produced.


AVAILABLE at ZEPETO *Currently not for sale

"ZEPETO" is an app where you can easily create and play with 3D avatars on your smartphone. It is the largest avatar-based social platform in Asia, with over 460 million users worldwide, mainly from Gen Z and Alpha generation. It allows users to freely customize their avatars with their favorite items and play in over 56,000 worlds, enabling communication between users.

In recent years, thanks to the advancement of technology and the development of services, many people are enjoying experiences on social media and gaming spaces, as well as interactions with other users. Especially among the younger generation, communication on these platforms is becoming more active, and one of the favorite activities in the digital space is to dress avatars, characters or icons that serve as the users' proxies, in digital fashion.


On ZEPETO, we created 10 new items that the "REVINAL" avatars can wear and sold them on ZEPETO (currently not for sale). Through the sales on ZEPETO, we explore the needs of Gen Z and Alpha generation for digital fashion items and their potential as a means of communication, aiming to create a world where more people can enjoy fashion.


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