Ambient Weaving Ⅱ (2023-2024)
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Ambient Weaving Ⅱ (2023-2024)

The latest works, including those unveiled to the public for the first time, were exhibited at HOSOO GALLERY in Kyoto.

Since 2020, ZOZO NEXT Co., Ltd, in partnership with Agata Yasuaki Laboratory - University of Tokyo and HOSOO Co., Ltd, has been working on the development of new textiles, combining traditional crafts and cutting-edge technology to achieve both functionality and beauty. "Ambient Weaving" is a concept created in the process of this joint research project, referring to "fabric that expresses environmental information" and "fabric into which the environment itself is woven".

This exhibition showcases the results of the joint research as of 2023. The prototype work of this exhibition exploited the possibility of "environment-shaping fabric" by expressing phenomena that exist in the interplay between the environment and humans, such as colors that occur for the first time when fabrics overlap, and colors and lights that can only be perceived under certain environmental conditions, through fabric. In addition, by juxtaposing a tea room made of fabric, "Ori-an", and prototype works, and placing "Jiku", a hanging scroll made using the Ambient Weaving method, inside, we attempt to redefine the environment and thereby nature, while connecting with the diverse cultural backgrounds embodied by the tea room.

Exhibition Overview

Exhibition Name
Ambient Weaving Ⅱ
October 27, 2023 (FRI) – March 17, 2024 (SUN)
Hosted by
HOSOO Co., Ltd & ZOZO NEXT Co., Ltd
Research and Development
HOSOO Co., Ltd, Agata Yasuaki Laboratory - University of Tokyo, & ZOZO NEXT Co., Ltd

Virtual Exhibition Site

A virtual exhibition site has been set up to record the works and exhibition space of this exhibition.