Project Drip


Combining XR, 3D and AI technology with fashion to offer customers a new fashion experience: A digital fashion project

As digital transformation advances in various industries, not just fashion, interest in 3D and AI technologies has been on the rise in recent years. Project Drip aims to incorporate technologies such as XR, 3D, and AI into fashion products and provide these to customers, aiming to offer a new experience in the realm of digital fashion.

Virtual Model Unit "Drip"

The virtual model unit "Drip" is a group of virtual models born as part of a series of virtual fashion projects. They have achieved the creation of high-quality virtual human models at a low cost, and in the past, they have collaborated with fashion brands such as "HATRA" and "Bunka Fashion Graduate University".


Collaboration with HATRA

In collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand HATRA, they created 3D data for the 2021 autumn/winter collection "Rapid Eye Movement". Virtual human model Rino from Drip wore the collection.


Collaboration with BFGU

At the online cultural festival of Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU), held online from November 22, 2021, they presented a collaborative piece with BFGU and Drip. BFGU's students designed clothes that were reproduced with our digital technology, and they were worn by models from Drip.